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Meet Dee

Dental Practitioner, Beautician, & Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

From a very young age I developed a strong interest in beauty and health. Every time I had an opportunity, I would try new styles in health and in beauty, to become the best version of myself by enhancing my natural look.
I love what I do as a qualified dental practitioner but also wanted to pursue beauty so I've combined my two passions. Esthetic by Design specializes in Lip Blush Tattooing and Teeth Whitening to help people boost their confidence, starting with their smile. I believe a beautiful smile is a combination of beautiful lips and bright teeth. I am a perfectionist and enjoy working patiently and meticulously to produce natural-looking permanent makeup.


I've been in the dental industry for more than 10 years. I have a broad and thorough knowledge of the anatomy of lips, teeth and also medical conditions. I have learned teeth whitening procedures in person with dental experts over this time (no online courses with mentors without dental backgrounds). I've used my experience to bring my passion to life to create a beautiful smile by enhancing your natural beauty.

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